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by posted 04/19/2019

We are excited to announce BLU registration for summer travel and is now open! Please navigate to our registration site and register as soon as possible. We have simplified our registration process this year. Here’s how the registration and team placement will work:

  • 10u - HS will register in the same place within the registration system. Players will be placed on either elite or select teams within     their division. Our goal is to build teams based on graduation year to build team chemistry and strong bonds over the years for each player is involved in our program. This is a proven strategy in all travel team sports that has been in place for decades. We strive to have an elite team and any number of select teams per graduation year, but that is totally dependent on the # of participants we have in any given year. Based on per-registration numbers and evaluation participation, these are the teams and divisions that we are forecasting for this season.

    • 9u – comprised of 2028 and under players         

    • 10u/11u – comprised of 2026 & 2027 players         

    • 12u select – comprised of the 2nd round players based on evaluations of 2025/2026 players.         

    • 12u elite – comprised of the best 2025/2026.         

    • 14u elite – comprised of the best 2023/2024 players         

    • 14u select – comprised of the 2nd round based on evaluations of 2023/2024 players         

    • HS Select – comprised of the 2nd round based on evaluations of 2020-2022                  

    • HS Showcase Elite – comprised of the best 2020-2022 players.         
      Please keep in mind that our goal is to have a team for all players to play on,     from elite to select, to developmental for each graduation year, but this is totally based on the number of players that join the program.                  

  • The HS Elite team will be charged slightly more, so additional costs for that team are noted on the registration page. Some players have been selected for the HS Elite team based on the first try out and will receive invitations via email invites. The remaining players will be selected based on their performance at the second tryout. Players unable to attend the first tryout will have an opportunity to be evaluated for the elite team at the second tryout.

  • 9u registration – based on demand we will have a 9u program for players having graduation date of 2028 and later.

  • 12u and 14u elite teams are selected by evaluations. Players selected for the elite teams based on the first evaluations should receive invitations via email in the next few days.  12u and 14u team selections and announcements will be finalized the first week of practice, May 6th.

  • Camp registration - for players that want to improve various aspects of their game, but are not able to participate in tournaments this year

To guarantee the best experience for our BLU program, we are in the final phase of vetting the tournaments we will attend. We will make this announcement as soon as possible. The dates of our summer tournament dates are as follows:

  • June 2-3          

  • June 15-16     

  • June 22- 23

  • June 27-29 - We could potentially take our elite teams to this tournament if there is enough interest.

BLU strives to fill the needs for all aspects of Lacrosse development, from high level of competition for experienced players to beginner level training for the new players. The more participants we have the more we can offer and the better our summer program will be. The sooner our registrations are in, the better we can plan. It’s imperative that players register as soon as possible to allow us to determine the number of teams travelling to tournaments, hotel bookings, staff size, and equipment needs for our summer program.

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Second BLU High School Boys Tryout
by posted 04/16/2019

BLU Prospects, 
        We will be holding our 2nd and final tryout on Friday April 26th at Sicard Hollow Athletic Complex from 5:00pm - 7:00pm. This tryout is for ALL high school boys with graduation years 2020-2022. These tryouts are not only for the High School Elite Showcase travel team, but for our select travel teams as well.  Please attend this session even if you are not trying out for the Elite Showcase team.  This is the last tryout we will have before selecting all High School teams. Players that attended the first try out that wish to be re-evaluated are encouraged to attend the second tryout session.  We need all players to complete our second tryout registration form regardless of previous registrations.
Thank you!
BLU Staff
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HS Tryouts Moved to Spain Park
by posted 04/13/2019

HS tryouts have been moved to Spain park high school on Sunday April 14th at 2:30.
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FAQ's for Registration and Summer Season
by posted 04/11/2019

BLU - we are sending this communication in response to the questions we have received regarding our evaluations/try outs this weekend and our summer programs.  We hope you find this helpful and please don't hesitate to send us additional questions if you need additional information.


1. Why is the HS evaluation so long?

Times for HS registration start at 2:30  with a hard start at 3 pm. Our plan is to end around 5 but have secured the indoor field until 6. Based on how many players there are and indoor field being smaller and we want to many sure everyone has ample time to show their skill set.


2. Why are HS tryouts being held at Blackwatch?

Because the weather has foiled all of our attempts to have our tryouts and given the tight schedules this time of year, we must have tryouts this weekend, rain or shine. Blackwatch offers us the guarantee that we will have a dry field for tryouts. IF THERE IS A RELIABLE BREAK IN THE WEATHER, we will move tryouts to Spain Park HS. We will make that announcement closer to the weekend.


3. What if we can't attend this weekends evaluations or tryouts?

There will be a Second evals/tryout opportunity for for those that are out of town or had other commitments. Date for HS will be announced and 12u/14u will be the week of May 5th. 
9u and 10u will have evals once we start our program the week of may 5th. We will structure teams on registration numbers and whether the tournaments offer 7v7 or 10v10.

4. What does BLU offer for players that want to train this summer but not travel?

We will be announcing our newly formatted skills camp program soon. This year we will be doing this separate from travel team practices.  Groups will be broken up by age and skill set and will have a small group training session atmosphere. We will reinforce our skills instructions with small sided games throughout the training season. BLU will also offer private lessons from it's coaching staff to players seeking more individual attention to improve specific parts of their game.

5. When will registration open?

Registration will start next week on April 15. We will close registrations based off of team sizes.  Players will be invited to join either elite or select teams based on team size. The elite teams will hold 22 players and select will be 22 -25. We will have a wait list for players wishing to play but did get placed on a roster. It is imperative that players register ASAP so that we can begin to finance our fields and tournament costs.


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BLU Youth Evaluations for Summer Travel Teams
by posted 04/10/2019

BLU we are very sorry for the short notice, but our efforts have been hampered by weather and field availability. We will be having evaluations for its youth (12u - 14u) summer travel teams on April 13th at Briarwood Christian School.  Evaluations will be done by graduation year (see schedule below).  Evaluations are used to place players on elite or select teams within each age division.  We will be selecting the top 15 players for the elite teams during this session. We will select the remaining 7 for the elite teams during the second evaluation which will be during the first week of practice starting on May 6th.  9u and 10u evaluations will also take place during the week of May 6th. The next 22 ranked players will be placed on the select teams for that age division. If you haven’t pre-registered for BLU(boys only -- 9u -14u), please do so by filling out our online form.  Please do not fill out this form if you have done so already.

  • Graduation years 2025-2026 - 10:00 - 12:00

  • Graduation years 2023-2024 - 11:30 - 1:30

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BLU Tryouts for HS Summer Travel Teams
by posted 04/10/2019

BLU we are very sorry for the short notice, but our efforts have been hampered by weather and field availability. We will be having tryouts for the HS Elite Showcase team on Sunday April 14th 2:30 - 6:00 at  Blackwatch Sports Performance.  If our field location changes, we will make that announcement as soon as possible. This tryout is for ALL HS students -- rising 10th through 12th graders for the 2019-2020 school year.  We will be selecting the top 15 players for the HS Showcase Elite team. We will also have a HS A and B teams base off of participation and demand.  We will select the remaining 7 for the elite teams during the second evaluation which will be announced at a later time. If you haven’t pre-registered for BLU (boys only), please do so by filling out our online form.  Please do not fill out this form if you have done so already.

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by posted 03/21/2019

Dear BLU family, we have received quite a few questions about whether we will field elite and development teams. Our goal is to field at least one team for each graduation year. Our long term goal is for that graduation year to play together for years to come. Of course if we have enough players to field multiple teams for each age bracket, then we will gladly do it . 

What does this mean for tournament teams? Some of our tournaments will have 10u, 11u, 12u,13u, 14u, etc. For these tournaments,our hope is to field at least one team for each division. We have done our very best to vet tournaments such that they will meet the needs of our club and have all the divisions we need. 
Here are the projected graduation years and their tournament slotted age groups:
10u  -2027
11u - 2026
12u - 2025
13u - 2024
14u - 2023
15u - 2022
HSb - 2022/2021/2020
HSA - 2021/2020/
Here are the age groups broken down by tournament:
9U // 2028 Graduation Years
10U // 2027 Graduation Years
11U // 2026 Graduation Year
12U //2025 Graduation Year
13U // 2024 Graduation Year
14U //2023 Graduation Year
2022 - Freshman
2021 - High School
2020 - High School
U9 (current 3rd grade and younger)
2027 (U10)
2026 (U11)
High School Varsity (2020/2021)
High School JV (2021/2022)
High School Rising Stars (2022)
U14 A and B (2023/2024)
U13 A and B (2024)
U12 A and B (2025/2026)
U11 A and B (2026/2027)
U9 (7v7)  ( 2028/2029)
Tournaments are no doubt a moving Target as clubs make changes and wreak havoc on the schedule. If this happens and one of the divisions were dropped, for example say u13, we would take our 2024 team and place them in the U14b division. We hope this clarifies our goal for our summer program and encourages you to join us for a fun filled action packed summer lacrosse season. Please stay tuned for try-out announcements as we are having to navigate a very busy time of the season to identify a time best suited for our coaches and all the players.
Thank You!
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BLU Releases Version 2.0
by posted 02/14/2019

BLU 2.0


We are excited to announce the release of BLU 2.0! As always, we are self evaluating from year to year and doing everything we can to make BLU the best Lacrosse travel program possible. Check out the changes coming in BLU 2.0.


BLU Elite

We are changing the format of our elite teams at every age division.  Our elite teams will be coached by the best coaches and community leads in the Birmingham area.  

  • BLU is proud to announce that Jason Lange, the Head Coach of Division II Montevallo Falcons, will be joining our program and will be the head coach of the High School Elite Showcase team.
  • Please complete our online tryout registration form for the HS elite showcase team.  Be sure the check our website at and social media outlets (facebook, twitter, instagram) for additional information.


BLU is also extremely proud to announce the following local area high school head coaches will serve as the head coach of an elite team, as well as a director for that particular age group.


  • Jason Lange (University of Montevallo Men's Head Coach) HS Showcase Elite and upperclassman
  • Alex Mauro (Spain Park High School Varsity Head Coach) - HS underclassmen
  • Randy Nace (Vestavia High School Varsity Head Coach) - 14u
  • Greg Wingo (Homewood High School Varsity Head Coach)- 12u
  • TBD - 10u
  • TBD - 9u


The HS Elite team will participate in at least one, possibly 2,  elite HS showcase tournaments. The Baltimore Summer Kickoff  will be the premier showcase tournament that we attend.


Try Outs

All teams will be selected by try out process.

  • Our HS Elite Showcase Team try out will be March 3rd 1:00 at Spain Park High School.  
  • 10u, 12u, 14u, HS Freshman, and HS upperclassmen select and elite travel team tryouts will be in march and april.  We will be announcing those dates soon.


Tournament Selection

We are also working very hard and are being very selective of all the tournaments we attend. Criteria for our tournament selection process is a combination of the level of competition (to ensure we maximize our players Lacrosse experience), age verification process (to ensure a level playing field), geographical proximity to Birmingham, and tournament dates.  Here are the tournaments we have selected for the summer of 2019:



  • June 1-2 Trilogy (Atlanta) OR Country Music Lax Fest (Nashville)
  • June 15-16 Peach Tree City
  • June 22-23 Birmingham
  • *June 29-30 Grail Westfield, IN NXT Grail Showcase (for HS Elite showcase *** we might take all other teams to this as well)

Summer Season Dates

We are looking to start our summer season earlier and end earlier. We anticipate starting early to mid May and our last tournament will be June 22-23rd.  Why the change? While we are committed to ensuring our members have the best Lacrosse experience possible, we want our families to be able to enjoy their summer outside of Lacrosse. We are committed to being done before July to ensure our players have time to pursue their other interests and families have plenty of time together.


Practice Facility

To ensure that we are able to capitalize on our practice times, we are looking to move our practices to artificial turf surfaces where the wet conditions, that are part of our normal weather patterns in Alabama, do not result in cancelled practices. We will make an announcement on practice facilities once we’ve finalized our arrangements.


Organizational Changes

Each elite head coach will also be the head of each age division at BLU. Their responsibilities also include creating practice plans that will be executed by the coaches of the other teams in that age division. What does this change really mean? While we are devoting much energy to bolster our elite teams, we remain dedicated to our development teams.  We will field as many development teams as we have demand for. These teams will be tryout driven as well, as we will take the top players by position to form each team while maintaining small rosters.


New Options for Non-Travel Players

We are also restructuring our non-travel training program which will be separate from our travel program. We will offer training sessions divided by skill level and age group . These sessions will have the feel of small group training sessions where players will receive personal instruction from our coaches to enhance their skill and knowledge of the game.

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University of Montevallo's Jason Lange Joins BLU
by posted 01/21/2019


BLU is excited to announce that the University of Montevallo Falcons head coach, Jason Lange, will be joining BLU in summer 2019. Jason will take charge of the BLU high school division starting in the summer of 2019.  Jason's coaching will provide our high school team with collegiate level instruction which will in turn build a foundation on which players aiming to play at the collegiate level can leverage.  Coach Lange will lead our high school elite team in collegiate level showcase competition with some of the very best players from across the nation.  Jason's network of coaches can prove instrumental for players collegiate recruitment asprirations. Not only will his coaching greatly benefit our high school program, but we will incorporate his methodologies in our coaching in the youth level program as well.

Coach Lange is entering his second season as the first ever head coach of the men's lacrosse program at the University of Montevallo.

During his first season at Montevallo Lange lead the inaugural team to a 7-7 overall record and had 4 players named to the Great Lakes Valley Conference (GLVC) all conference teams including two first team selections, one second team selection and one honorable mention selection. Kyle Little was named the Goalkeeper of the year and Kyle Nichols was named the Freshman of the year in the GLVC.

Lange arrived at Montevallo after serving as the head coach for three seasons at Pfeiffer University in Misenheimer, North Carolina, a NCAA Division II school in the Conference Carolinas.

Lange compiled a career record of 27-17 in his three seasons at Pfeiffer, including a 10-6 mark in Conference Carolinas play.

Prior to his arrival at Pfeiffer, Lange served as a member of the Mars Hill University coaching staff for four seasons. In his final season at Mars Hill in 2013, Lange helped guide the team to a program-best 11-3 record. Lange also helped lead the team to three consecutive Deep South Conference regular season championships during his time as an assistant coach at Mars Hill.

In seven seasons combined as an assistant coach and a head coach, Lange has coached five All-Americans, 26 All-Conference standouts, three Conference Players of the Year, and two Conference Freshman of the Year recipients. He also coached three players that were drafted into the National Lacrosse League, and one player that signed with a Major League Lacrosse team.

Prior to joining the Lions' coaching staff, Lange was a standout on the field for Mars Hill. He served as a defenseman from 2004-09 where he helped lead the team to a Deep South Conference tournament championship in 2008 and a regular season title in 2009. Following the 2009 season, Lange represented the United States Athletes International at the Berlin Open in Germany and helped lead the team to the championship game.

Lange holds a bachelor's degree in physical education with a minor in coaching.

Welcome to BLU Coach Lange!

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